How to identify the reliable bedding, do not seriously regre

Bedding is closely related to our daily necessities, and now on the market a lot of bedding material, the popular nothing more than five kinds of cotton, linen, cashmere, silk, Tencel and so on. How to identify it? This really is a bit tricky.
Previous bedding generally used cotton, polyester-cotton as a fabric, silk cotton now blended, yarn-dyed cotton, satin cotton is gradually occupying the market, becoming the first choice for young people, white-collar workers. Recommended natural cotton products, natural cotton fiber has good skin-friendly, hygroscopic breathable, safe, comfortable, non-irritating.
Combed cotton:
Combed Cotton is a higher quality cotton that is removed with the comber removing shorter fibers (less than about 1 cm) of the cotton fibers while leaving longer, neat fibers and removing Carding all kinds of impurities in cotton fiber. Combed cotton is the best quality of long-staple cotton plus a special weaving process, the special advanced dyeing and finishing after the fabric texture than the average ordinary cotton texture to be meticulous, smooth, elastic, higher quality, breathability and water absorption Sex also more prominent, in the texture, wash and durability are higher than ordinary cotton quality standards. And fluffy and delicate texture, contact with the skin feel delicate and fresh, to bring you fresh and comfortable high-quality life to enjoy.
A long, durable, natural, natural fabric that is constantly laundered to soften and moisture the fabric for a comfortable night's sleep. It is said that Britain's Elizabeth II is to sleep on Queen linen sheets left Queen Elizabeth.
A look of gorgeous, rich, with natural soft light and flicker effect, feeling comfortable, high strength, elasticity and hygroscopicity than cotton, but easy to dirty, strong sunlight on the heat-resistant cotton fabric than natural.
A cellulose fiber with very high rigidity, good dimensional stability with washing (only 2% shrinkage), high hygroscopicity, round or oval fiber cross-section, beautiful luster, soft touch, Drape is good, elegant and good. To sum up: there is cotton soft, polyester high strength, hairy warmth but it is easy to harden under hot and humid conditions, in the cold water picky nature is not good.
Fabric yarn count, density
Yarn Count (Yarn Count), which is the British count, is the yarn fineness index. This means that when one pound (454 grams) of heavy cotton yarn has a length of 840 yards (0.9144 meters), the fineness of the yarn is one, that is, 1 s. Therefore, the "40s" count of yarn is a pound of yarn has 40 × 840 yards long, basically equivalent to 1 gram of yarn is 67 meters long.
The larger the number, the smaller the yarn, with such a gauze cloth will be relatively soft, thin, comfortable, of course, the higher the cost. Ordinary textile products commonly used in fabric yarn support 30s, 40s, high-end bedding, such as top hotel supplies, often use 60s or 80s, or even 100s yarn.
Density (Thread Count) is to measure the quality of the product reflects one of the key indicators. It refers to the unit area (usually one square inch) of the total number of yarns in the warp and weft directions. There are two ways to label the density, one is to mark the number of yarns in the warp and weft directions, and the other is to mark the sum of the number of yarns in the warp and weft directions (T). Such as: meridional density is 133, weft density is 72, can be marked as 133 * 72, can also be marked as 200T,
At present, the mainstream density of textile products between 100T-200T. High-quality textile products at least 200T density. High-density fabrics must be woven with high-count yarns, otherwise it is impossible to weave so many threads in a unit area if the yarns are too thick. In general, about 200T fabrics generally woven by 40s yarn, 300T fabric to 60s, 400T and above the fabric to 80s or even higher count.


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